Here you can browse through the basic outline and the tasks of the FEEI project, and, most importantly, find detailed information on country’s participants, activities and achieved results. All information is also available in the national language, as the News section, maintained by representatives of the National Participating Institutions, provides for the timely updates on the developments of the FEEI project on local level. You can also visit the site of the Albanian National Agency for National Resources at www.akbn.gov.al.  

The national government Ministry or agency responsible for implementing sustainable energy policies will establish the project management structure and coordination effort of each country. In consultation with the relevant GEF Focal Point, government of each participating country will appoint a National Coordinator (NC), normally a senior representative of the country’s National Participating Institution (NPI). The NPI is a government Ministry, agency or professional non-governmental organisation assigned the responsibility for international sustainable energy and climate change mitigation projects.

FEEI Albania project website

Welcome to the official website of FEEI project for Albania.This site will be completed in the few next days. Thank you for your visit.